January 10, 2020

Your best customers are your highest revenue generators. Give them the special attention that they deserve. You can increase your company revenue and profits without having to spend time and money looking for new business. Here are some tips to help you maximize your business with your top revenue producing customers:

  1. Identify who your best customers are. Let your entire team know who they are and that they are to be treated special.
  2. Make sure that they are engaged with regularly. You can let them know about new products or services, special promotions designed for them or go to lunch or dinner with them. There are countless ways to make contact with your top producing customers. Delight your customer and they will continually come back.
  3. Send gifts for no reason at all. You may have read a new best seller. Let the customer know that you enjoyed the book so much that you thought that they would enjoy a copy of the book also. Maybe your customer likes a good wine. Send a bottle to them letting them know that you thought that they may enjoy the wine as much as you did.
  4. Ask for feedback. Let the customer know that you have an open door policy. Ask them what they like about your business and where you need to improve. You are building trust and respect.
  5. Remember special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Sending a bouquet of flowers to remind your customer that they have done business with you for five years will go a long way in keeping the business partnership for another 5 years or more.