August 1, 2020

Have you taken your holidays yet?  Why not? Five excuses why business owners don’t take the amount of holidays that they need and deserve.

  1. When I am not there, my business will crumble and I will be left trying to put the pieces back together again.
  2. I can’t afford for production to fall. I need to be there to see to it that everyone is doing their job.
  3. Who is going to pay the suppliers while I am away? If they don’t get paid, we will not be able to deliver to our customers on time.
  4. I don’t have enough qualified staff to allow for me to be away from the business for any length of time.
  5. I just can’t relax knowing that my business needs me.

Five tips to make sure you take the holidays you need and want.

  1. Book a week or two off and go away somewhere nice.   Once you book your holiday, you have taken the first step to a much needed rest.
  2. Let your staff know when you will be away so that they do not book their holidays on the same date. Tell your suppliers that you will be away and who is in charge during your absence.
  3. Train your employees to do your work while you are away.  Let them know you have confidence in their abilities.  You may find that they are happy to help you.
  4. Only allow one employee of your choosing to stay in contact with you, once a day, by email, cell phone, text, face time, or other preferred methods. You don’t want to be talking to your employees five times in a day.  Remember, your people want you to rest, have fun and enjoy your holiday time.  It is in their best interests and yours that you come back rested and happy.
  5. Leave work at noon the last day before your trip so that you can take care of any last minute travel details. This half day will help you to relax and just be a kid again.

The benefits of taking scheduled holidays at least once a year are very important to your health and that of your business.  Studies show that you will be more productive, happier, energetic, and live longer.  Sometimes, the best ideas are formulated when you are on a break from your work.   Author:  Len Motuzas  August 1, 2020 Thrive Business Consulting www.thriveservices.ca