June 1, 2020

Be a Top Sales Producer

Here are my top 5 selling tips that have helped me consistently deliver top sales results.  Use these tips and your numbers will grow.

  1. Take the time to research your prospect. The better you are informed, the better your connection will be.
  2. Simplify your message (clear, concise and short). For example:  “Our shovels are lighter than any of our competitors and carry a lifetime warranty”.  Too much information will muddle the mind of the prospect leading to a lost opportunity.
  3. The timing of your close is a game changer. When your prospect begins nodding their head with approval of your message, ask for the order.  If they want more information, they will ask you.
  4. Smile and be happy. A warm smile is a success magnet.  Refer to 5 Tips on How to Maximize Business from Your Best Customers.
  5. Listen, listen and listen some more. Your prospect will tell you everything you need to know.  Refer to Why should a prospect buy from you.

Author:  Len Motuzas Thrive Business Consulting